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Survive. Build. Excel.
Enjoy Survival?
Enjoy competing in the economy?
Want to help kick start a thriving community?

Join us today!
Our Website: https://azurasurvival.enjin.com
Our Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/FehmgU
IP: play.azurasurvival.com

Who are we?: We're a fairly new, unique survival server with a small community, looking for new players to join us and enjoy the survival experience we offer. We have a small but friendly and responsive staff team, who are open to any questions and suggestions you might have. Whatever your play style, if you love survival then check us out!

Our Spawn is huge and built by the hands of staff. There're many structures, landscapes, and hidden areas to find. Fancy yourself as a builder? We'd love to see what you can do too!

The server spawn, with portals to the main server worlds/areas. Find important server info here!

Tags: ChestShop, Mcmmo, Craftbook,Citizens,Jobs,Economy,Griefing,GreifProtection,LandClaim,

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